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Need Books? - Hail Crusaders, who rise to glory.

Apr. 27th, 2006

03:49 pm - Need Books?

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Depending on what courses you are taking in the fall.... this could save you money

I have:

Campbell/Reece BIOLOGY seventh edition (bio 171 and 172)
McMillan Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences (bio 171 and 172)
and a study guide to go along with the Campbell text book... highlighted a bit... but otherwise ok (bio 171 and 172)

Strahler Physical Geography second edition w/ CD (Geomorphology Geo 104)

Reuss On The Trail of the Ice Age (Advanced Geomorphology Geo 490ish)
Martin the Physical Geography of Wisconsin (adv geo.... geo 490)

Mooney/Swift A Course in Mathematical Modeling (Math 320)

Glennon Water Follies (ENVS 340)
Thompson Water Use Management and Planning in the US (ENVS 340)
Reisner Cadillac Desert (ENVS 340)

Silberberg Chemistry fourth edition (chem 121 and 122)

Hemingway In Our Time (Eng 200)
Chaucer The Canterbury Tales (Eng 200)
Packer Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (Eng 200)
Meyer The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature (Eng 200)

email me if you have any questions!!! bethany.johansen@valpo.edu