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Hail Crusaders, who rise to glory.

Our colors glorious are known throughout the world.

Valparaiso Crusaders Past, Present, and Future
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As alluded to in the January 21, 2005 Torch!

This is a (hopefully) one-stop shop of sorts, for Crusaders of any year to talk to each other, gossip, or just talk about the fun of being a Valparaiso Crusader.

Joining is easy! This is a public community, so you should see at the top of the page a link to join the community. Click it, follow the few simple steps, and you're a member!

Unlike some communities out there, this community has no posting requirement. If you go to Valpo, you're welcome and you won't risk banishment if you don't post anything (though of course conversations and thoughts about the school are more than welcome). Thank you for browsing this community, and I hope you enjoy it. And remember --

V-A-L P-A-R A-I-S-O! Let's go Valpo! Let's go Valpo!